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Second Chance Staffing LLC.

A Next Level Recruiting Agency


Find the right talent

A partnership beyond the placement

Our extensive database of qualified talent ensures you will receive dynamic professionals who are ready to join and contribute to your team.

At Second Chance Staffing LLC it is our mission to do more than just deliver a candidate. Service to our clients extends beyond hiring one of our talented candidates.

From Start Ups to Fortune 500 Companies…

Put Second Chance Staffing LLC to Work as your Staffing Partner

Industry Knowledge

Staffing Expertise

Seamless Flexibility

Increased Efficiency

We bring more than staffing experience to the search. We bring unique industry knowledge and experience.

Our experience in staffing allows us to not only deliver qualified candidates, but to help you keep them.

We save you time by using our refined search process to recruit and vet candidates quickly, without sacrificing quality.

We have tried-and-true processes. And we have the ability to adjust them to fit your unique style.

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